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Biological Metabolism Research Based on DCL™

Background & Overview

Isotope tracer technology is a scientific process that uses radioisotopes or stable isotopes as tracers to study various fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, environment and materials science. This technology has important application value in many fields such as industry, agriculture, biomedicine, etc. For clinical diagnosis and medical research in biomedicine, this technique is used to reveal the mysteries of physicochemical processes in the body and cells, elucidating some of the most fundamental biological questions in the biological basis of life activities, such as protein biosynthesis, nucleic acid structure, metabolism, etc.

Biological Metabolism Research Based on DCL™

At BOC Sciences, our DCL™ technology platform provides deuterated compounds for stable hydrogen isotope tracer technology, which are used as tracers to introduce deuterium atoms into molecules. Using deuterium-labeled compounds, we offer a range of services for routine detection and mechanistic studies of metabolites. It is worth mentioning that our untargeted metabolomics based on deuterium isotope labeling provides a new perspective for the accurate and rapid analysis of various biological samples.

What We Offer

BOC Sciences has developed a wealth of deuterated compounds based on the DCL™ platform, including amino acids, glucose, steroids (steroid compounds), organic acids, etc.; also introduced advanced detection methods to support customers' metabolic research. Our service profile includes:

  • By applying deuterium-enriched tracers to biological systems, study the metabolic pathways, metabolic mechanisms, kinetic parameters of substances, and diagnose diseases.
  • Metabolic studies of existing drug molecules have led to even further synthesis of valuable new drug molecules.
  • Discover new metabolites and determine metabolite structures.

igure 1. Outline of the Different Steps Involved in an In Vivo Stable-Isotope Tracing Experiment.Figure 1. Outline of the Different Steps Involved in an In Vivo Stable-Isotope Tracing Experiment.[1]

Specific Service Items

Biological Metabolism Research Based on DCL™

Service Features

BOC Sciences deploys biological metabolism research services with a developmental vision. Our technical advantages include:

  • Short detection time
  • High detection accuracy
  • Reliable experimental data
  • Small sample size
  • Low cost of testing
  • Non-radioactive
  • Suitable for long-term metabolism studies of organisms

Why Choose BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is committed to providing cutting-edge tools to support clients in advancing their research. Our combination of DCL™ technology and detection methods can provide researchers with the insights they seek on key drivers of biomedicine and disease.

At present, BOC Sciences brings together high-tech professionals and management talents with profound theory and rich experience and builds an advanced technology platform. Based on many years of experience, we have extensive experience in applying deuterium isotope labeling technology to biological metabolism research, especially in experimental test standardization, quality control, and data correction.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us immediately, then fill in the complete inquiry form, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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  2. Fernández-García J, et al. Stable isotopes for tracing mammalian-cell metabolism in vivo. Trends in biochemical sciences. 2020, 45(3): 185-201.

About DCL™ Platform

BOC Sciences' DCL™ platform provides a deuterium strategy for both high-end custom markets and basic product needs. Our main business areas cover drug development, omics analysis, scientific research testing, and other markets, and strive to promote the development of biomedicine and scientific research.

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