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Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX MS)

Background & Overview

For drug development, the discovery of safe, effective drugs is critically dependent on experimental approaches that can provide high-impact information about the biological effects of drug candidates early in the discovery pipeline. This information enables reliable lead identification, pharmacological compound differentiation, and successful translation of research findings into clinically useful treatments.

Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX MS)

To better address the unique challenges emerging in the pharmaceutical industry, BOC Sciences combines hydrogen/deuterium exchange technology with modern high-resolution mass spectrometry. Our HDX MS platform is designed to be an important tool in the development of small molecule therapeutics and biopharmaceuticals. BOC Sciences has extensive experience in hydrogen/deuterium exchange technology, and using our workflow, is able to obtain reliable results within a predetermined time frame.

HDX MS Introduction

Hydrogen-deuterium exchange is an acid-base catalyzed reaction, the main principle is deuterium labeling of proteins and combining with mass spectrometry to monitor deuterium incorporation, enabling precise and sensitive data collection. HDX-MS has been widely accepted by the pharmaceutical industry for characterizing biotherapeutics and mapping antibody drug epitopes. However, this technique has broader scope for application in the drug discovery process. This is particularly true in the use of HDX-MS as a complement to other high-resolution structural approaches such as NMR and crystallography, as well as in the development of small molecule therapeutics that can target the nuclear receptor (NR) and G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) protein families.

Figure 1. Schematic of a typical HDX-MS workflow.Figure 1. Schematic of a typical HDX-MS workflow.[1]

What We Offer?

BOC Sciences uses HDX MS technology to realize small molecule as well as protein conformation and kinetic analysis, the latter includes: (1) protein folding research; (2) protein structure characterization; (3) protein interaction research, etc. Our system-level design integrates all steps necessary for accurate, reproducible, and easy implementation of protein configuration studies.

In the final technical report, BOC Sciences will provide you with detailed content including experimental steps, relevant mass spectrometry parameters, information on identifying substances, raw data, protein spatial epitopes, conformation and other analysis results.

Why is BOC Sciences' HDX MS Services the Best Option?

Hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX MS) has become an indispensable technology for biotechnology companies. BOC Sciences has developed this technology into a routine analytical detection technique.

Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX MS)


  1. Marciano D P, et al. HDX-MS guided drug discovery: small molecules and biopharmaceuticals. Current opinion in structural biology. 2014, 28: 105-111.

About DCL™ Platform

BOC Sciences' DCL™ platform provides a deuterium strategy for both high-end custom markets and basic product needs. Our main business areas cover drug development, omics analysis, scientific research testing, and other markets, and strive to promote the development of biomedicine and scientific research.

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