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After years of theoretical exploration and practical accumulation, BOC Sciences has formed a fast, efficient, practical and low-cost deuterated molecular design and discovery technology.

Based on the above advantages, our technology platform can be widely used in innovative drug discovery, reaction mechanism research, life science research and other fields.

" DCL™ Provides a Wide Range of Applications for You to Choose "

Innovative Drug Discovery

Compared with non-deuterated drugs, deuterated drugs have obvious advantages in stability and biological half-life, and reduced metabolic toxic by-products. Therefore, deuterated drug technology is considered to be a simple and effective drug development model. The DCL™ platform of BOC Sciences effectively integrates our existing sub-platforms such as deuterated process, drug design, and pharmacological research.

We provide professional synthesis services for our partners' R&D projects, design a complete R&D strategy and provide a rigorous management model.

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Reaction Mechanism Studies

Stable deuterium labeling can effectively avoid the radioactive harm caused by radionuclide labeling, and has almost no toxicity, so it has more application value. The use of deuterium to label the position of the atom is very beneficial to the study of the reaction mechanism.

In terms of reaction mechanism research, our DCL™ platform has had multiple project experience, and will continue to provide partners with more efficient and professional reaction mechanism research services.

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HDX MS System

HDX-MS has been widely accepted by the pharmaceutical industry for characterizing biotherapeutics and mapping antibody drug epitopes. Our professional structural analysis team utilizes HDX MS technology for small molecule and protein conformational and kinetic analysis and can provide detailed technical reports.

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Pharmacokinetic Studies

Stable deuterium isotopes have been widely used to reveal the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs and their metabolites due to their safety, easy control, cheap and easy availability. Our efficient DCL™ platform management model can help customers reduce complex and additional intermediate links, provide customers with high-quality pharmacokinetic research services, help them save costs and shorten project cycles.

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Life Science Research

BOC Sciences' DCL™ platform occupies an irreplaceable position in the development of life sciences, mainly involving applications such as proteomics, metabolomics, and diagnostic analysis.

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