Our DCL™ Platform

Solutions to propel deuterium chemical entities forward

BOC Sciences has extensive experience in deuterated drug discovery and development, and we have built an industry-leading
DCL™ platform designed to provide customers with a broad and unparalleled portfolio of innovative drugs.

Why BOC Sciences ?

At BOC Sciences, we provide reliable deuterium expertise and consultative support. By working together to promote quality-oriented customer services, we have built a reputation as a reliable technology platform.

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Discover what DCL™ platform can do for you!

Over the years, BOC Sciences has leveraged its expertise in deuterium labeling technology to provide and develop innovative, targeted services to laboratories, medical and academic research centers around the world.

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DCL™ platform for therapeutics
A wide range of therapeutic areas available

Explore therapeutic areas based on the DCL™ platform

BOC Sciences has been deeply engaged in the field of deuterium technology for many years, and is committed to using our unique deuterium chemical labeling (DCL) platform to develop innovative drugs for cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc.

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